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A tasteful tale with Lina's Good Food.

A tasteful tale with Lina's Good Food.

Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Lina from Lina’s Good Food to know more about how she started her fabulous home based business. She sells delicious crunchy tempeh that goes well with almost anything. From being a full-time mother, wife and foodpreneur, her story is truly inspiring. 

She started Lina’s Good Food in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of uncertainties were amidst during that period especially when she was worried that her husband might lost his job. With a quick thinking out of desperation and action, she took her culinary skills and turned it into a home cooked business. Lina strives heavily on the importance of good quality food; she says “I only serve food that my family eats. What they eat is the same type of food that I will sell to the public. Food is the source of life and people will know when they taste good quality food.”

All of Lina’s Good Food are prepared by pre-orders only and she doesn’t take in more than what she can handle. “I maintain quality over quantity of my products, and I’m always humble towards my customers.” 

While her crunchy tempeh business is booming, she tends to face certain problems such as manpower, customer relations and delivery management. But she understands that these are the hurdles in most food businesses. Every obstacle that she overcomes is a lesson and experience learned for her.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given Lina a chance to expand her business to gain more customers and she is very happy with satisfied orders with good feedback. This has elevated her spirit and confidence level to strive further for her business. Her plan for the future is to ensure her home based business is sustainable to take care of her family.

Lina's Good Food is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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