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Rise of the home chefs gig economy.

Rise of the home chefs gig economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taking the world by storm and with lockdowns being enforced globally, people are exploring their skillsets in the kitchen as there is nothing else much to do. People have been more confident in the kitchen and begin exploring cooking methods, each to their own signature dishes.

Based on a survey by BBC during the early stage of the lockdown, cooking comes in as top 3 activities during a lockdown. This goes to show that new talent arises during the lockdown and a new opportunity to make it as a secondary source of income. With new talent pool rising, home cooked meals becomes an alternative income in the cooking gig economy.

In an article and survey by HUNTER

"In its report which polled 1,005 Americans between the ages of 18-73, HUNTER​​ found that more than half (54%) of consumers report cooking more and 46% report baking more.Of the American adults surveyed who report that they are cooking more while sheltering-in-place, 75% said that they have become more confident in the kitchen and 50% are learning more about cooking, and 73% are enjoying it more than they did before.The survey also found that outside the kitchen, consumers are ordering takeout and delivery from restaurants more frequently, and 22% report an increase in ordering mail-ordered meals and meal kits."

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