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'Meat' and greet with Ethan from Bratwurst-lah

'Meat' and greet with Ethan from Bratwurst-lah

Our next round of interview features Ethan, someone who has a real passion for delicious and healthy meat products, inspired by his personal experience of living overseas. Without further ado, let's 'meat' him to find out more.

What were you doing or currently doing while being a home chef/foodprenuer?
My family has just returned from Melbourne, due to personal/family reasons.

What inspired you to start this business?
Bratwurst-lah started from a pure passion for homemade food, particularly homemade sausages and burger patties. What started as a genuine passion soon flourished into a homebased online small business, targeting circles of friends, family members and relatives.

What is your brand/product unique selling point?
We were living in Melbourne, and we loved the Bratwurst sausages in Victoria market. After completing sausage training in Melbourne, we started making our own bratwurst for our own consumption. When we are back home, we fine-tuned the bratwurst flavours to suit more of our Malaysian tastebuds, and to commemorate our Malaysian heritage, that’s where our overly used “-lah” comes into picture.
In Bratwurst-lah, we believe in top notch product quality, with a splurge of the homemade flavour, and competitive pricing for the sausage lovers. Also, all our products are purely homemade, ensuring there is no artificial colouring, additives, and strictly NO NITRATES or preservatives.

What steps do you take to ensure the clients are satisfied with your meals/products?
We choose only the best sources of meat, spices, and we believe only on natural ingredients, without any nitrates, preservatives, etc. which are commonly found on commercial sausages, patties, and charcuterie products.

What are your future plans for this business?
To educate, share, and introduce a lot more sausages, patties, and charcuterie related products to the local market, and to be able to expand and to grow regionally in the future.

What kind of satisfaction do you get being a home cook chef?
The satisfaction and appreciation from our loyal customers who enjoyed eating our products!

Being a home chef/foodprenuer, what are the problems you tend to face?
Space, and workforce constraints, hindering the ability to expand and grow.

Has this pandemic has accelerated your growth to explore the culinary path and how?
Yes. With the on going pandemic, more and more people are working from home, study from home and ultimately, eat from home. Online ordering for foods had grown exponentially.

What is your best moment of this journey so far?
As we always said, nothing beats thepure enjoyment and satisfactions of our customers biting and enjoying every bites of our products!

Bratwurst-Lah is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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