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Home Chef Spotlight - Schewy Cookies

Home Chef Spotlight - Schewy Cookies

As part of our initiatives to cover about talented home chefs and foodpreneur, we've decided to craft a short and sweet interview with our Neybrfood Partners. This will enable you to get to know your favourite home chef's a little better. Today, we speak to Samantha from Schewy Cookies to know more about her story.

What were you doing or currently doing while being a home chef/foodprenuer?
I was a makeup artist for 3 years before I started being a full time home baker. The pandemic practically put a stop haul on all my jobs as there were no events that required my service.

What inspired you to start this business?
During the first lockdown in March, I had a lot of free time and one of the main reasons that got me baking was when my children had a craving for chewy cookies. So I thought to myself, why not lets bake some cookies as a family activity. This was the time when I discovered that I had a flair for making cookies especially this recipe of Schewy cookies. I started sending out sample cookies to my circle of family and friends and next thing I know, they started asking me for more! So why not, let’s give this home baking business a try.

What is your brand/product unique selling point?
Everyone can bake cookies but Schewy is different in terms of texture, ingredients and quality. There are no preservatives and most important low in sugar but big in flavours! I like to think myself as more of an experimental baker and that is one of the perks of running my own cookie business from home.

What steps do you take to ensure the clients are satisfied with your meals/products?
Feedbacks, feedbacks and more feedbacks. I always ask my customers for their honest feedbacks, no matter good or bad – feedbacks will help improve my cookies. To be honest, it took me nearly 3-4 months to finally stick to the perfect Schewy cookie recipe.
What are your future plans for this business?
I do plan to have my own bakeshop in the future and maybe get into the production line of cookie distribution at the retail level. I may be expanding into an ice cream business as cookie and ice cream are a match made in heaven?

What kind of satisfaction do you get being a home cook chef?
As a home baker, I get to take care of my kids and at the same time, running a business that I truly enjoy. I get the best of both worlds. Watching them grow as Schewy grows.
Being a home chef/foodprenuer, what are the problems you tend to face?
Some of the common problems I faced are mainly managing the brand marketing and delivery management. I wake up 5am daily to bake and don’t have the enough time or experience to manage the social media marketing or delivery management.  
What is your best moment of this journey so far?
It has been 10 months now since the birth of Schewy cookies; I started out with one flavour and now I have 7 flavours under my brand. Everyday is an enjoyable moment but one of the main factor is having such loyal and supportive customers. They are the reason why I bake daily.

Schewy Cookies is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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