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Fitness Coach Becomes Cookie Baker - Kookiemonster

Fitness Coach Becomes Cookie Baker - Kookiemonster

Today we meet with an aspiring fitness coach that strive to make ends meet during the lockdown and explored his creative side in the kitchen! We will be speaking with Keith Loong from Kookiemonster to know more about this story.

What were you doing or currently doing while being a home chef/foodprenuer?
I was a full time personal trainer. Getting people into the best shape and health was my main goal.

What inspired you to start this business?
With the lockdown on our country, I decided to explore my talents in the kitchen but making some delicious cookies as a side income. By the way, I do have kitchen and bar experience before venturing into the fitness career.

What is your brand/product unique selling point?
The main selling point I personally feel is the quality of ingredients I use in each batch of cookies I make at a reasonable price.

What steps do you take to ensure the clients are satisfied with your meals/products?
Measurements. It is one of the key steps to ensure consistency.

What kind of satisfaction do you get being a home cook chef?
The fact that people love my cookies enough to order for their friends and family is satisfactory enough.
Has this pandemic has accelerated your growth to explore the culinary path and how?
I’ve always been culinary savvy, but now it feels like if all goes south, I can actually do something with my cookies
What is your best moment of this journey so far?
Seeing all the comments and stories on IG on how everyone loves my cookies. Young and old! 

Kookiemonster is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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