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Fragrance industry expert taking on the smell and taste of home cooking.

Fragrance industry expert taking on the smell and taste of home cooking.

Today's Neybrfood Partner highlight is M&M's Kitchen. Michele is an expert in the fragrance industry with a 9-5 job but her passion for cooking and baking lies deep in her soul!

What were you doing or currently doing while being a home chef/ foodprenuer?
I’ve a full-time 9 to 5 job in a world number one fragrance industry whereby it’s an odorous substance supplied to those toiletries/household manufacturers. Home chef/foodprenuer is my part-time and usually starts on weekends.

What inspired you to start the business?
Basically it’s my passion in both cooking and baking. The main reason to pursue setting up my business is to dedicate to my great grandparents and grand parents. They were also in food business on those early days.


What is your brand/product unique selling point?
I always emphasize on using quality ingredients. Not only ingredients, skill also play a major contribution.

What steps do you take to ensure the clients are satisfied with your meals/products?
I believe in feedbacks; whether good or bad take it positively and improve further. Secondly, constant practice also helps to improve or maintain the quality.

What is your future plans for this business?
My dream is to have a cooking/baking studio with proper kitchen equipment to work on my creations. Working from home is not an ideal place mainly the space constraint, environment and kitchen equipments. As we are leaving in a tropical country, it’s best to work on your pastry/cakes in a cooler environment with air conditioning.

My second plan is to pursue advance level of french pastry skill in Paris when the covid pandemic is over. I believe to upgrade my current French pastry knowledge best is to learn from those professional French bakers.

What kind of satisfaction do you get being a home cook chef?
At the moment I don’t have to worry on my high operational cost and the flexi hours managing from home.

Being a home chef / food preener, what are the problems you tend to face?
Brand marketing to promote my brand. I would like to reach out to more customers, however I don’t have the experience to improve on my brand marketing.

Has this pandemic accelerated your growth to explore the culinary path and how?
Not at all. In fact I’ve actually started in a small scale way before this pandemic happened. Is more towards my passion which lead me to start this home chef / foodprenuer.

What is your best moment of this journey so far?
I hope with my current partnership with Neybrfood, more people will get to know about my food/cakes/pastry. I’m looking forward to introduce more of my French pastry desserts on this platform in near future.

M&Ms Kitchen is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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