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Baking through the pandemic.

Baking through the pandemic.


For our latest home-chef highlight, we were able to catch up with Melissa Wong from Mel's Kitchen to know more about her a home baking business selling freshly made sourdoughs and unique kombu truffle butter.


Melissa Wong is an online marketing planner but her passion towards baking led her to start Mel's Kitchen from her very own home. " Baking and cooking has always been my passion, while being at home during this pandemic period, I have been baking for family and friends ,with their encouragement and support they have advise me to turn my hobby into making extra income."


Melissa makes delicious sourdough baked goods that only uses premium ingredients to ensure her goods are unique in flavour. She has also taken key important steps to get her Typhoid injection because her food are mostly handcrafted.



Some of her joyous moments running a home bakery are the simple pleasures of passion, "Its been over 2 months but I can never get enough of watching over the oven when my sourdough is springing up into a nice rabbit ear." She has future plans to increase her bake production by moving into a commercial bakery kitchen. She has been getting so many support from family and friends; this is the main driving force for her to uplift Mel's Kitchen Bakery production.


"After starting Mel's Kitchen, I personally feel more confident, independent, and it will be a good additional household income to support my children's education in the future.

Mel's Kitchen is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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