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A recipe passed down by generations for everyone to enjoy.

A recipe passed down by generations for everyone to enjoy.

On today’s foodpreneur feature, we speak with Ong Chee Hooi from Ayam Gincu to learn about his delicious family kept recipe and how technology has upgraded a simple delicious home cooked dish into a “Ready-To-Meal” meal.

Ong was a restaurant owner before the pandemic hit. He served delicious Malaysian home cooked dishes that have been passed down by generations. Customers became very fond of his signature Ayam Gincu dish. When the pandemic came, Ong needed to find ways to deliver his signature dishes to his loyal customers while trying to maintain the best quality as to how it would come out fresh off the pot. 

He started freezing and packing it into “Ready-To-Eat” packages. That was the turning point of Ayam Gincu RTE. It was the perfect solution during the MCO for anyone who was confined at home during this time. A simple preparation of boiled water and 15 minutes later – delicious Ayam Gincu is ready to be served.


Ong says “Ayam Gincu would be our unique selling dish that is not available elsewhere, and same goes for Golden Special Chicken and Kroketas. Golden Special Chicken is sort of buttermilk curry which so far, I’ve not tried it anywhere else. Kroketas is new in our menu, typically it’s being served in Non Halal restaurants but we made it Halal so that more customers could enjoy it and make the price affordable as well, it is very tedious to make it!”

Ong takes great precautions in terms of food quality. “We try our very best to ensure all raw materials are of high quality but definitely trying to be consistent is hard, because even different types of soy sauce taste different! So we would taste test it as much as possible but after 50 times, your taste bud might become a little numb, so we need to let our customers give us the best feedback and take it constructively. Of course measuring all ingredients is a must, but chilies are almost impossible to measure! So there are differences every time but we try to keep it as minimal as possible!” says Ong.

While business is booming for Ong, some of his future plans are set to purchase food machinery that enables him to sterilize his food for longer shelf life and even venturing into other new sales distribution channels. Some of Ayam Gincu most memorable during the MCO was the time when he sold 541 packets in one month, and that surpassed his monthly target of 100 packets. 

Ayam Gincu is a Neybrfood Partner. See what they have to offer here.

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